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Expressing Yourself Is An Incredible Brain Organizer!

You are a trailblazer of your own life! This is a therapeutically creative studio where you explore the deeper side of your values, interests, goals and dreams. 


Journaling is an awareness of hearing the quietness within you - hearing you. Both creative writing & abstract painting are ways to release stress. So welcome to my shop and a lifestyle of creatively therapeutic! I supply you with journaling ideas and supplies for inner healing work, counseling worksheets, sticker prompts & more. ~I'm so glad you're here!

  • Prioritize goals

  • Identify that sneaky inner critic

  • Get clarity for action steps


5 Health Benefits of Journaling:

  • Journaling is the process of making feelings and thoughts more tangible by putting them into physical form.

  • Improves Immune Function as well as lessen symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Helps you remain present while keeping perspective.

  • It's an emotional catharsis that helps the brain regulate emotions. 

  • A great way to gain control of toxic thinking and connect with your true self.

Thoughts ~ Intentions ~ Emotions

ABOUT ME: My training is in Counseling & Rehabilitation, with a Mental Health Coaching Certification, and I enjoy walking you through how to get your thoughts and intentions working for you and not against you. 
The only wrong decision in life, is staying stuck. Unresolved issues do not magically get better, they worsen over time when left unattended.  My studio is called Uniquely Expressive and we explore YOU: what do you like, your passions, gifts, talents, purpose. What fulfills YOU. People naturally feel happy when they are improving their lives in some way. Everything in life is calling us to grow. When we stop maturing towards compassion, we start feeling pain, fear, anxiety, confusion. We're susceptible to pity or envy as we look around and see what everyone else has that we don't. Instead of asking what is MY purpose in life, we can start coveting status, material goods, power and all of the things that leave a person feeling empty, life-less, no meaning.  Let's connect.


(In order of priority)...

1) Spirituality: Personal/relational beliefs,

2) Health & Wellness: Food, Rest, Play,

3) Personal Growth: Strengths, Passions, 

4) Emotional Regulation,

5) Love Relationships,

6) Parenting,

7) Social Life,

8) Financial/Career


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