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​ Welcome to Uniquely Expressive, an Art Therapy Studio where you explore the deeper side of your values, interests, goals and dreams. No art skills required here! Ages 18+

  • Art Therapy uses art to rearrange the natural process of expression.

  • It's a symbolic means of communication.

  • Helps the mind understand what you're experiencing.

  • A lifestyle of creatively therapeutic!

  • Journal-planners, counseling worksheets, and Art Therapy classes.

  • I'm so glad you are here!


5 Health Benefits of Creative-Therapy

  • The process of making feelings and thoughts more tangible by putting them into physical form.

  • Calms the nervous system which improves immune function which lessens symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Helps you remain present while keeping perspective.

  • It's an emotional catharsis that helps the brain regulate emotions. 

  • A great way to train your thoughts away from toxic thinking.

Thoughts ~ Intentions ~ Emotions

ABOUT ME: As a Mental Health Coach my training is in Counseling & Rehabilitation with an Art Therapy Certification. Working in foster care, private counseling, and in Art Therapy has helped me understand the wide range of suffering people go through. My passion is helping you navigate the struggle WHILE pursuing your vision, goals and dreams. I've witnessed countless people not having proper emotional support in their close relationships. Therefore, I help you identify healthy, difficult and destructive behaviors and what to do about it. I'm an advocate for appropriate anger and brilliant communication towards passivity and passive aggression. I've overcome 21 years of chronic migraines, three years of clinical depression, panic attacks, and seven years of insomnia. 
Unresolved issues do not magically get better they worsen over time.  It's my job to help you "attend" to everything that bothers you. We don't ignore, minimize or deny. We gain clarity and learn how to clearly communicate. You will explore YOU: what do you like, don't like, your passions, gifts, talents, insight.   I take you on an assessment journey which is the greatest quest on earth.

Here are things my client's have stopped tolerating: status quo, passivity, ignoring problems, staying small, dishonesty, cheating, addictions, doing all the emotional labor, always being the one who initiates repair and growth, someone who isn’t sure about them & all the micro-abuses of gaslighting, passive aggression, indifference, apathy, numb, coldness, and contempt towards their vision. YOU are the only one who can speak up regarding what bothers you. Start today and do it again tomorrow and never let up. Because it’s all about relationship: connection with honor. I'm here to help you go after what is in your heart!   Let's connect! -Shelly


(In order of priority)...

1) Spirituality: Personal/relational beliefs,

2) Health & Wellness: Food, Rest, Play,

3) Personal Growth: Strengths, Passions, 

4) Emotional Regulation,

5) Love Relationships,

6) Parenting,

7) Social Life,

8) Financial/Career

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