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Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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Uniquely Expressive:

your thoughts, intentions, emotions.


my vibe

Feeling low or in a funk? Reflect on motivation, inspiration & relaxation.


longing & Connection

When you are feeling lonely, out of place or uncertain then it's time to engage the miracle of nature around you.

Paint Brushes

Colors of my heart

Are you more in your head or more in your heart? Contemplating balance, unity and peace within your body.



Explore the paths of cynical vs cautionary. Dive deeper into the mindsets of astute, shrewd and diligent.

A la carte
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Art For Healing Methods

Express Your Invisible side

a Walking contradiction

Do you feel happy towards people one day, then the next day never want to be around them ever again! 

Paint Tubes


The one skill to master that will overcome anxiousness that's attached to uncertainty.


lazy or unaware

What is the joy "set before you?"


insecurity & grandiosity

These are the two doors of decay that lead to death. They are two sides of the same coin, which is pride.


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