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Happy Girl

Uniquely Expressive

Emotional Wellness


Dwell in your Vision & experience breakthrough faster. 


Clear being judgmental & live in the awareness of connection.

⇩⇩No art skills needed⇩⇩

Wait...What...ART? Yes.

If traditional counseling has failed you, self help books leave you inspired with no consistency, but you still desire help, then consider a completely different approach to learning emotional wellness through Therapeutic Expressive-Painting methods. You will build courage & core strength to live in freedom and influence others towards their change. Learn to engage life and go towards your calling everyday - no matter what you are going through. Connection is all there is.

What I know now, is that sequential order (of emotional maturity) matters when it comes to relational dynamics. It's a significant key to skill building in the 8 life categories.


I introduce you to therapeutic art methods that give your brain & emotions expressive tasks that will naturally relax your nervous system to untangle from procrastination, perfectionism, even self-doubt.

Dear Friend,

Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:


There are no "magic wands" that will bring you instant answers to any of life's struggles. We have to do the "inner" work that is necessary for learning who you are and what makes a loving, safe, honorable relationship (with yourself first) and with those around you. You are to be treated with love, honor, consideration and value. Period. 


I will support you in finding YOUR answer, and your voice, and your emotional strength for your situation.

This is not traditional counseling, however I do have a counseling degree. I'm trained as a mental wellness coach with an Art Therapy Certification. This practice helps you learn the skills you need. Learning skills takes exercise. If you want faster results, you'll need a coach. 

If we work together we will focus on three specific goals:

1. Where you are now,

2. Where you want to be,

3. How to get there (it is different for each person).


I will help you in building relational skills & breaking the habit of passivity. I help you stay organized, focused and keep it simple. 


I'm so glad you are here! 

Here's Great News
  1. You don't have to change everything,

  2. You just need to change how you're approaching everything,

  3. And that's what we will be working on together

  4. Next step is to fill out the get clarity form below

Working With Me:

USING YOUR FOUNDATION IN God, this creative therapy studio trains you in emotional healing. I help you identify what are normal problems that tend to dip into dysfunction & what to do about it. From minor to intense relational frustrations: avoidance, indifference, passivity of control, manipulation, sarcastic undertones, coarse jesting, indecisiveness, grandiosity & insecurity we help your heart heal. Whether you are stuck in these or they are being done to you, know your role and how to overcome.


This is a deep dive, trouble shooting reboot for your heart & mind. We use journaling assessment therapy to expose blindspots, merged with art for healing methods to ease into emotional healing creatively. (No art skills needed) In this studio the foundation of exploration and maturing is rooted in delight, awe and wonder. Spa time for your brain + relaxation for your nervous system. Every part of us needs trained. You get to decide HOW to train. We have created this space to support you as your (thoughts, intentions & emotions) gain understanding and strength through any burdens.


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YOUR UNIQUE STYLE of closeness with God. Never again feel like your faith isn't working. Never again allow religious guilt, family guilt, fear or doubt block you from recognizing God's voice. You have a unique relationship with Creator God that doesn't look like anybody else's. Don't let humans distract you away from your life source.

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UNCLOG LAYERS of hurt for complete release so that you live in freedom with yourself first, and towards others. So that you live your unique expression.

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HOW TO BE bigger than any excuse or any person's angst against you. So that the treasures and talents within you flourish OUT onto your sphere of influence. It's time that LIGHT shines bright.

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Discover, practice and learn all of this in a way that your BODY craves! Which is creativity, delight, awe & wonder! We are made in that image, so let's get creatively deliberate, and progress through the layers of maturity. 

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ART ISN'T just for artists, it's a way of communication, expression and beauty. I'll show you how. You don't need to learn more, you need a way to practice TRUTH that is deep within you.

Forest Path


Notebook and Pen

Tier 1 Sessions


  1. Assessment phase to pin point blockages

  2. Define & identify safe haven support structure

  3. How to consistently strengthen: rest, grow, play.

  4. Protocols of casting & bearing burdens

  5. The three lies that every human must reconcile

Tier 2 Sessions


  1. Credibility building with yourself & with others

  2. Stunning boundaries

  3. Stunning communication

  4. How to rest, grow & play - consistently

  5. The shield of Psalms 3:3 & cultivate VISION into your day


Tier 3 Sessions


  1. Understand that your brain has rules it lives by

  2. Define & identify your delight, awe & wonder

  3. Understand yourself! Why & how you get triggered.

  4. Activate pathways of compassion towards yourself.

  5. Use teaching skills to expand the presence of empathy, accountability, and vulnerability

This is for anyone wanting a relaxed pace, yet power packed tools that can get you the results you want in personal development. 

Who is

this for?

If you are struggling with:​

  • Feeling unclear how to speak up in uncomfortable dynamics

  • Feel awkward & shy

  • Hate being around most people or crowds

  • Overwhelmed most of the time

  • Feel confused about your struggles

  • Feel lifeless or angry

  • You Isolate

  • You want to feel confident, happy & relaxed around people.

  • Simply put, you want better.


Balancing Rocks
  • 15 audio/video teachings (6 hours total)

  • 12 training worksheets (PDF)

  • (3) guided abstract painting sessions +2 bonuses

  • Option to add private coaching: When available.

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