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Interesting thought...

Life is 10% what happens to you,

and 90% of how you respond to it.

-Ponder that

Contemplation Therapy: 

Adult Workshops:

Discussion workshops where I come to your office-

-My job is to get YOU more comfortable and better poised at initiating uncomfortable relationship topics!   Everyone needs support in this area, and most people never want to discuss relationship dynamics. The first step is get understanding & language on our complex human interactions. We first build better credibility for ourselves SO THAT we can influence positive/healthy relationships around us. My passion is "starting the conversation" and gaining clarity to some of the most frustrating relationship concerns. Click link for more details.

Teens/Kids :

Fact: Learning healthy behavior skills takes everyone's involvement. Unfortunately, many people don't understanding that.

My goal: These topics are presented light hearted and fun SO THAT our kids will enjoy the process, work, & journey of MATURING. Learning HOW to "adult" takes a village (a safe and healthy support system). I hope Art Zones can be that for you.

Topic 1. The Art of forming HABITS & Grit

You are what you think & do, but HOW do I get there!!


Topic 2. Team position 'what's your role?'

(Responsibilities & Boundaries) And how to learn the ART of apologizing w/ confidence and value. 

"I contributed" #Ownership

Difference between Enabling & Helping

Mistakes will happen

Topic 3. Clarity. Listen to understand their point.

Speak so they want to listen. Hint-maturity.

(Misunderstandings) 'a big mud puddle'

4. Confidence: Self respect Self Worth

(Speak up: "I have a voice")

5. Manners: Body language: stop look listen

(Showing Respect) 'words ARE cheap' I need proof!

6. Attitudes! Non & verbal -genuine tone of voice.

(Sibling Rivalry/Acceptance)

7. Ideas- What CAN I do when others are rude, mean, inconsiderate, selfish, whining, aggressive, etc.

8. The Art of Fun

"what do I like to do?"


9. Poetry of Voice

"aka TONE!"


10. Definitions

"Do we agree on the same definition?"

11. Opposites: Avoid & Confront

"Which one am I, and why?"

12. What does this really mean?


13. Be interested in what I'm saying?

"with a twist"

14. Learned behaviors

"Old dog, new tricks?"

15. Irritude = no peace

"Irritated + attitude"

16. How to Confront - it's a must.

1st step: I must learn to love instructions.

2nd step: what does humility really look/sound like.

17. Provoking vs Rebuking

"Rivers of Grace"

18. Sharing vs Lecturing

"Being present & aware"

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