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THE 8 STRENGTHS provide a roadmap for navigating your relationships with clarity and empathy, which leads to effective communication and deeper connections. The 8-week video series is a journey that will inform, empower and boost your internal emotional strength. You will can go from mental exhaustion to confidently you in the areas you need it most: 1) Health, 2) Relationships 3) Time & Energy 4) Finances. The 8 heart strengths are needed to be confident & clear even if others around you are stuck in immaturity & pain.

1. Is the vehicle of relationships,
2. Our heart is the engine.
3. Know the red-flags of micro-abuse.
4. Know how to heal disconnected hearts.
5. Know the signs of emotional anorexia in a family structure.

Not all women have adequate support even when surrounded by loving friends, family and a church culture. So, if Secret Sadness is lurking in your heart due to emotional disconnection of unresolved conflict then this studio is for you. There is a way to bring peace to this messy business of relationships. Our video courses & coaching are disarmingly simple, but not at all simplistic. You will learn how to improve your relationship with yourself first, with you & God, then level up your skills how to communicate stunningly with others. The keys are found in I Corinthians 13. Let's work together and transform (Romans 12:2)

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STRENGTH 1 - THE SAFE HAVEN We start with awareness of who you are. It's essential that you connect with yourself first and understand what you want Mark 10:51. This is the assessment phase and although this is not a Bible study, we use your walk with Jesus + scriptures to navigate your heart. You will clear out abundance blockers and align in your position of more than an overcomer. 


STRENGTH 2 - THE 3 BARRICADES You will learn how to overcome the 3 main lies every human battles. Shift into your roles of REST, GROW & PLAY effortlessly. Lacking this skill, of protecting your Peace, drains your energy. Finally silence the inner-critic of hesitation & self-doubt ~ live courageous, bold, speaking up on point.


STRENGTH 3 - BURDEN PLACEMENT Knowing how to wisely release frustration, disappointment & angst will protect everyone. Your loved ones are not God and although we are to bear one another's burdens, there is a more wise way to communicate them. Skill up in communication how to handle sadness, rejection, fear and deal effectively with others anger & stress.


STRENGTH 4 - THE 4 NEVER-EVERS You will learn the 4 Never-Ever communication styles to detach from and what to do when others do them to you. How to set your home environment up for peace, joy and growth, also learn the strength to listen (without being defensive) as you gain credibility. 


STRENGTH 5 - THE PATH OF COMMUNICATION is first between you and God, then towards others. Healthy happy relationships have credibility with one another. Also, communicating with God is your power source & guidance - discover what is blocking your heart to go deeper and remain in Jesus John 15:4. 


STRENGTH 6 - TRUE BOUNDARIES Learn how to balance grieving, grace, hope & boundaries while waiting for others to awaken. Building trust and holding boundaries is key to progressing through the layers of maturing. We can't make anyone do better, but we can cultivate credibility within ourselves to influence & lead better Proverbs 4:23.


STRENGTH 7 - FREEDOM + COMMITMENT This journey is all about getting new thoughts, a new mindset which is Romans 12:2. The HOW TO do that, is a journey of constant learning and practicing. Because maturing is exhausting, we must be mindful of rest and play. Rest your thoughts often. Self-Care is vital for your health and the happiness of your relationships (even with God). 


STRENGTH 8 - JOY PLACEMENT  Hebrews 12:2 the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. Once you understand true boundaries and that there is no abuse in your close relationships, then we join in aspects of James 1:2-4 & Hebrews 12:2. We live from perspective and faith while never tolerating evil. We overlook & forgive faults, but we never allow evil to rule our hearts. Ephesians 6:12


To see woman walk in their God-given fullness, their unique giftings, and the freedom of their worth and validation. Life goes by so fast and many don't learn emotional strength until the pain gets unbearable. I am here to support you in this reboot, and show you how to prioritize your worth, validation and what you love most.

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