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The Foundational 5 Series

1. Reboot receiving mode.

        Revisit this daily until it's mastered!

2. Thoughts/Words Mind~Will~Emotions

3. Believe in your heart ~ meditate feelings

4. What do you want?

5. Your values, your rituals, your habits. No one else.

A La Carte workshops

1. The Art of forming HABITS & Grit

You are what you think, but HOW do I change my thoughts?


2. Team position 'what's your role?'

(Responsibilities & Boundaries) And how to learn the ART of apologizing w/ confidence and value. 

"I contributed" #Ownership

Difference between Enabling & Helping

Mistakes will happen

3. Clarity. Listen to understand their point.

Speak so they want to listen. Hint-maturity.

(Misunderstandings) 'a big mud puddle'

4. Confidence: Self respect Self Worth

(Speak up: "I have a voice")

When to speak up and when to shut up

5. Manners: Body language: stop look listen

(Showing Respect) 'words ARE cheap' I need proof!

6. Attitudes! Non & verbal *genuine tone of voice.

Fun funny light hearted VS Tender

7. Ideas- What CAN I do when others are rude, mean, inconsiderate, selfish, whining, aggressive, etc.

A good response

A great response or

The more excellent response 

8. The Art of Fun

"what do I like to do?"


9. Poetry of Voice

"aka TONE!"


10. Definitions

"Do we agree on the same definition?"

My definition of anger is not your definition of anger

11. Judging VS Condemming

12. What does this really mean?


13. Be interested in what I'm saying?

"with a twist"

14. Stuck

I'm stuck stuck stuck, mad, sad, frustrated, so so angry.

15. Irritude = no peace

"Irritated + attitude"

16. How to Confront - it's a must.

And how in the world do I choose to humble myself?

17. Provoking vs Rebuking

"Rivers of Grace"

18. Sharing vs Lecturing

"Being present & aware"

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